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About Tom Romero

Tom Romero - Vector ArtworkI am classically trained artist who is skilled in free-hand illustrations, acrylic paints, film/digital photography, and various forms digital art as well as Flash animations. I hold a A.S. Degree in Graphic Design Technologies from Santa Fe Community College's Graphic Design Program. Plus, to further my understanding of daily functional business operations, I am now actively perusing the completion of a A.A. Degree in Business Administration.

Now that digital media has become my professional passion, I constantly seek clever new ways to enhance current design trends as well as to introduce my own thought provoking design solutions.

In order to maintain the highest design and productions standards, I constantly educate myself on current print and web industry trends. This includes maintaining a proficient understanding of new graphic design technologies, new production methods, and Adobe CS production packages.

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is simple yet effective. Less is more. Futher more, I base my concepts and designs on what I as a conumer would look for and expect to see in the form of a any branding or advertisement.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide impeccable customer services while consistently creating visual communication devices that increase your product's awareness and further promotes the businesses' brand. I primarily do this through the use of strong visual concepts that will effectively communicate and support your companies' advertising and marketing objectives. I am also able to provide a comprehensive print and web-based advertising strategy that is geared towards launching any new product line or reinserting your brand back into your intended targeted markets.

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